Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray 

The pure natural mineral water is at the heart of most of Royal Canadian products and has a unique combination of mineral salts and trace elements that are scientifically established for its soothing properties, mineral water has been used for centuries, since before the Roman times for their curative properties.

I tried this stuff out and love it. It was a sweltering hot day to begin with and bus ride back uptown was brutal, so I tried it on the bus and not 30 seconds after pulling it out, the women sitting next to me asked “what is that?” and after I passed it to her, she asked if she could have a spray…..and the feeling was mutual about this product… it’s great, it feels great, it looks great, it’s Canadian.. and as usual with most things Canadian it’s understated, this spray seems colder than Vichy or Avene, much colder, so I did a little digging and it turns out the Canadians super-nitrogenized the spray with medical grade nitrogen , firstly don’t start to freak out, the majority of the air we breathe every day is mostly nitrogen, but these Canadians supped this product to a new level, it’s awesome and on a hot summers day, it’s heavenly !

mineral water spray royal canadian

Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray

I like the understated way they marketed this product, when I read up on the company , they get the Royal Canadian mineral water from 1 mile down through the Canadian shield, it is older than man, I read on the BBC that they have water in this area that is over 2 billion years old, and thus NO pollution ,this stuff is 100% pure mineral water…how frickn cool is that….very cool as it turns out, I spoke with their marketing rep and they have been working with several Canadian universities developing a whole skin care line with this stuff, but it might not be for sale in the US for some time as they are going to sell exclusively into Canada first….aw crap…maybe I will have to go back to Montreal shopping this summer….cha-ching.

I drink mineral water, I use mineral water spray and I bath using mineral salt baths… I have to say I am biased to using minerals, I give this product a 10 out of 10.

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