UntitareadyledKnowing the shape of your face and your skin type are some of the things that you should know inside and out.

As you grow you learn techniques, methods, different brands and beauty products that work with your particular skin type.

There are things you know better than anyone else and you will know which makeup and skin care regimes work and which ones don’t, mainly through trial and error.

Many beauty regimes come and go but some beauty regimes stay with us and become part of our daily routine.

You should know the following beauty tips:

  • Identify what type of skin you have to buy the creams and the right products for your skin type.
  • Apply sun screen always, when exposed to the sun, because you know the harmful consequences that the sun can cause on your skin.
  • Paint your nails without applying varnish around the finger
  • Know the shape of your face and your eyes for makeup, as a pro
  • Apply blush and highlighter in the right areas
  • Knowing that less is more
  • Knowing what kind of makeup is best for you and which is not
  • Differentiate what kind of makeup you need for every occasion.
  • Mastering the art of smoky eyes
  • Knowing what colors are best on your skin for lipstick and shadows
  • Having a dermatologist and a stylist you trust
  • Understand that sharing your beauty products involves a mixture of microbes between you and your friends
  • Have well-established your beauty routine
  • Know where to buy your favorite products
  • Learn techniques such as strobing to help you emphasize your beauty

Great beauty ingredients:

  1. RETINOL SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try DDF retinol facial spray
  2. HYDROQUINONE SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try Elure hydroquinone facial spray
  3. MINERAL WATER SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try Royal Canadian mineral water facial spray
  4. SUNSCREEN FOR YOUR FACE: try La Roche-Posay facial sunscreen
  5. ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS FOR YOUR FACE: try Peter Thomas Roth alpha hydroxyl acid facial pads