If you’re battling dark spots and discolorations, like me, trying to find a way to undo years of sun damage you can give Elure Advanced Brightening lotion a try. I’ve been using it for a month and have found a small improvement in hyper pigmentation. As with other products of this type, the improvements are temporary and depend on continued use. I’m not sure that the results are worth the price tag. Using a sunscreen of SPF 30 everyday is an important step in in combating the issue. So it’s possible that just adding sunscreen to your daily skincare routine will provide similar results. You be the judge on whether a small improvement6yIt is worth the money. As for me, the price is prohibitive and I may search for a more affordable product that works just as well.


  1. RETINOL SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try DDF retinol facial spray
  2. HYDROQUINONE SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try Elure hydroquinone facial spray
  3. MINERAL WATER SPRAY FOR YOUR FACE: try Royal Canadian mineral water facial spray
  4. SUNSCREEN FOR YOUR FACE: try La Roche-Posay facial sunscreen
  5. ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS FOR YOUR FACE: try Peter Thomas Roth alpha hydroxyl acid facial pads